The 6 weirdest sneakers we saw in February

Good, bad, and ugly.

Every week is full of an overwhelming amount of sneaker releases, most of which will inevitably sneak through the cracks of our limited attention spans. So how do you make sure your sneaker stands out amongst a crowded field?

One way is to get weird, and we've decided to start rounding up the most odd ball sneakers we see each month. Some beat the odds to become covetable, while others are just plain ugly. But one thing's certain — they're all hella weird.


Louis Vuitton Trainer Sneaker Boot

I can’t tell if Virgil Abloh’s jelly sneaker is weird in a good way or a terrible way. What’s clear, however, is how sweaty, stinky, and squeaky your feet will be when donning these translucent shoes. Hope the hype is worth the sneaker condensation.

Maya Ernest

Nike x ReadyMade Blazer Mid

Like the Air Jordan 1 or Dunk, the Blazer is right up there as one of Nike’s most iconic shoes. For the silhouette's 45th anniversary, Nike is about to drop what might be the weirdest iteration of the sneaker yet. ReadyMade's version of the Blazer Mid isn’t only great because of deconstructed details like a skinny Nike Swoosh and warped midsole, but it’s also made partially from recycled materials. That DIY, eco-friendly aesthetic is what makes the Nike x ReadyMade Blazer Mid perfect in my eyes.

Edgar Alvarez

Adidas Yeezy 1020V Concept

Yeezy has a history of bizarre concept shoes, including the 450 that's finally set to release in March after years of images surfacing. Now we'll have to wait to see if the 1020V, a blindingly orange sneaker-duck boot hybrid, ever makes its way to market. Kanye West isn't afraid to get weird, and his fans have yet to see a sneaker too out there to invest in.

Ian Servantes

Adidas ZX 6000

This sequined nightmare looks more like it came from Skechers’ playbook than Adidas’. Truly, the pair is only light-up bottoms away from becoming the best-selling toddler sneaker on the market. If you’re into the glitzy gaffe, though, we don’t want to dull your sparkle — instead, show us how to style these shiny shoes.

Maya Ernest

Nike LeBron 18

Nike has a history of tossing together mismatched animal prints to create hot sneakers, but this LeBron 18 variant won't be among them. This hideous version of LeBron's latest sneaker is a disservice to the "Safari" Air Maxes, and here's hoping they never grace the court with our modern GOAT.

Ian Servantes

Salehe Bembury x New Balance Test Run Project 3.0

Salehe Bembury is known for his eccentric sneaker design, but this multicolored, multi-pattern, and multi-material shoe might take the cake. Its odd, patchwork-like upper is accented — or seemingly held together — by a zig-zagging strap system. Hits of neon green, blue, and orange accompany the sneaker’s many textures.

Maya Ernest

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