Here’s what to buy for someone who loves streetwear

It seems streetwear infiltrated every corner of the market, from luxury to food to your inner circle’s Christmas list.

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While stepping into a new style can be intimidating, especially in a community that might reject you for wearing the wrong silhouette, the holiday season is a great time to help a sneakerhead in the making. Whether it’s for friends or family, young or old, help your budding hypebeast build their wardrobe (and street cred) with these fool-proof pieces.

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A different kind of trainer.

Urban Outfitters

Streetwear itself is built on history. In order to have a full appreciation for the “It” brands, give the gift of knowledge with these pieces of lit. Start with Simon Wood’s The Ultimate Sneaker Book, Bobby Hundred’s This Is Not a T-Shirt, High Snobiety’s The New Luxury, Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog, or Chrsityna Pourhabib’s The First Pair.

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The ride or die.

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Sure, it’s basic, but respects must be paid. The Nike Air Force 1 has been a staple for sneakerheads on every level ever since its birth in 1982. While you can’t go wrong with a crisp, white pair, there are a zillion versions that are sure to suit your giftee's personal taste.

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For the one who wears all the hats in the family.

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What’s on your head is sometimes just as important as what’s on your feet. A solid bucket hat, baseball cap, or snapback can come in every color, design, and material imaginable. From a classic Yankees cap to a funky bucket that Tyler, the Creator would be proud of, you can’t go wrong making sure the bases are covered.

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For the big ballers.

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Aside from the staples, it’s fun to have at least one hype jawn in the rotation. Give the gift of a flex with a bulky Yeezy, hangtag Off-White Nike, or a New Balance 550. For the generous gifters, go above and beyond with a rarer model like a Crocs Pollex Clog or a Balenciaga pair.

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Crack open a cold one.

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Help someone ditch single-use plastic once and for all. Water bottles are cult classics among the streetwear community as another canvas for cute messaging and brand logos. Plus, who doesn’t like saving the planet?

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Another classic silhouette.

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Created and named after the great Michael Jordan in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 gained popularity for its simplicity and classic colors. Not only does it look great with just about anything, it also changed the game for sneakerheads everywhere. Be wary of the various heights, as some sneaker collectors still turn their noses up at a pair of mids.

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After a long day of hypebeasting.


Having the scents to match the kicks will make your budding sneakerhead very happy this Christmas. Candles come a dime a dozen these days, but lighting a flame to a more creative outlet like an incense burner can help them snuggle in for a sneaker bidding war.

Yeenjoy Studio

For a drip so cold.

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Comfy enough to wear around the house and versatile enough to dress up to an event, layering pieces like hoodies and fleeces are fundamental to streetwear. Be mindful of good laundry practices, cheaper printed graphics can fade and distort with one wash gone awry.

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So fresh and so clean.

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Your giftee might not be used to sneaker maintenance, as seen through a dirty pair of Vans Old Skools or Chuck Taylors they’ve had since middle school, but trust that it matters in the sneaker world. A travel bag or shoe cleaning kit will keep their shoes looking good enough to pass down as a family heirloom, if you’re lucky.


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