These jerseys will make you look (and feel) amazing all day long

Not everyone is cut out for them, but you definitely are.

GLENDALE, ARIZONA - MAY 05: Oliver Ekman-Larsson #23 of the Arizona Coyotes during the NHL game agai...
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For the most part, you should never be wearing a professional sports jersey unless you’re a. at a game or b. a child. What looks good on a world class athlete doing they’re job and you going about your life are entirely different things — but every once and a while a jersey good looking enough comes around to break all the rules.

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This week, one such jersey came our way courtesy of the Miami Marlins’ new threads, which got us thinking about other shirts stylish enough to warrant everyday wear. What follows are some of the rare jerseys we endorse, and encourage, you go break off a fit in.