Here are the 7 best sneakers to wear to your next formal event

Dress sneakers? It’s not crazy as you might think.

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As weddings and formal events take on a more casual dress code, heels and dress shoes aren’t the only footwear options people are reaching for.

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You can totally pull off a casual sneaker, luxury or otherwise. Just make sure it’s clean and scuff-free. Here are seven sneakers — packaged in simple black and white color options — that can be dressed up for any event.

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They’re called classics for a reason.

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Air Jordan 1 “Rebellionaire”, $200

One perk of Air Jordans is that there are a plethora of color variants and price points to choose from. This pair is an homage to Michael Jordan’s infamous on-court fines, but the monochromatic aesthetic helps you look more put together even if your event du jour is a wedding. Like the shoe says: “They can’t stop you from wearing them.”


Adidas Stan Smith “Bliss”, $96

You can’t go wrong with some earthy Stans. Adidas has you covered with 42 color options, from all-black to all-white (and everything in between), so you can even match the theme of the event. They’re almost all less than $100, so don’t hesitate to grab a fresh pair if your current ones are looking a little too dingy.


Reebok Workout Plus, $80

Any of the Reebok classics can double as formal footwear because of their sleek designs, but the Workout Plus is a durable silhouette that adds some structure and comfort. The Club C is a worthy contender, the vintage vibe of which adds sporty sophistication to a suit or dress pants.

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Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”, $445

This particular AJ11 was created as a player exclusive for Michael Jordan four years before it was finally made available to the public. It has quite a few rereleases at this point, but its shiny upper and black-and-white color scheme make it a wearable piece of sneaker history that you can make a formal entrance in.

Packer Shoes

Add a little bit of ✨spice.✨

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Maison Margiela x Reebok, $300

Maison Margiela’s notorious Tabi shoes got a Reebok update last year, and they’re the perfect depiction of casual luxury (especially if you can’t afford the original $500+ Tabi shoes).

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Prada x Adidas Forum, $1,120

I know what you’re thinking: I’m not spending that on that. Normally I’d agree, but given the detachable Prada pockets and Adidas Forum’s comfort, think of it as a functional investment for all the weddings you'll be attending this season. Plus the extra storage means you don’t have to carry a bag that day.

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Balmain B-Court Classic, $595

You can’t beat Balmain’s luxurious footwear. Branding on the tongue and heel let everyone know you have spent solid dough on your kicks, and the neutral color palette goes with just about anything.


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