These are the hottest Crocs you can buy right now

The most coveted shoe of the summer comes in all sorts of flavors, shapes, and colors.

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When Crocs first surfaced more than 15 years ago, their popularity was met with scorn of equal, if not greater, measure. Fashion experts, TV hosts, and newspaper columnists alike derided the foam clogs for being ugly and signaling that those wearing them had given up. Eventually the fad died down, but no one could have predicted Crocs would come back with even stronger force.

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Today, in Crocs’ second run of acclaim, there are far less outspoken critics of the ultra-comfy footwear. Perhaps acceptance has come as a result of fashion becoming more casual overall in the past decade, or because the pandemic specifically made comfort an even greater priority. Either way, Crocs are now everywhere again — and with less people to make fun of them.

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If you haven’t already indulged, now is the time to adopt Crocs into your life. Their low price point makes it one of the most accessible trends in recent memory, and there are enough distinct silhouettes to satisfy even the most skeptical of the Classic Clog. We’ve put together a few of our favorites to get you joining the crowd walking on clouds.

Classic Tie-Dye Graphic Clog ($55)


Crocs just came out with a grip of new colors and prints this week, the best of all being an acid green tie-dye. If you’ve already participated in the return of raver pants and early aughts sports shades, these are the Crocs for you.


Classic Iridescent Marble Clog ($55)


Pearls have become super trendy for both men and women, so why not rock some Crocs that look just like the precious gems?


Crocs Marbled Slide ($30)


If you aren’t a fan of the Classic Clog’s shape, Crocs slides are an alternative just as comfortable and unlikely to offend your senses.


Women’s Neria Pro II Graphic Clog ($55)


Crocs also does the more standard clog extremely well and with a hell of a lot less punishment than you’d be subject to with ones made of wood.


Women's Classic Bae Clog ($60)

The Classic Clog hiked up to become a platform has proven to be an extremely popular choice for stylish women. I can’t make a trip into the heart of Bushwick without seeing an e-girl type wearing them.


Classic Vacay Vibes Clog ($55)

Both the name and the flamingo print are a bit tacky, and yet there’s still something charming about this very tourist look.


Classic Clog in Evergreen ($50)

As much as we love prints, there’s also something to be said for a simple and solid color. And out of all the options, none are as striking as this evergreen blue.


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