These are the hottest Crocs collabs you can buy right now

Let’s face it: Crocs aren’t going anywhere. And with the brand having some strong cosigns, a new pair may be just what you need in 2022.

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Crocs’s rise and fall and rise has led to some of the most wacky and treasured collabs throughout its two-decade history. From a geriatric footwear solution to hangover attire to an everyday errand shoe, the rubber clogs deserve the hype.

Here are some of the best Crocs collabs, packed neatly by average sale price, to add to your rotation.


Salehe Bembury (2021)

Pollex Clog, $428-1,099

It’d be a crime and disservice not to include these first on the list. Not only did all three pairs break the mold of traditional Crocs, they also broke the ceiling on how much one should pay for a nonluxury house shoe made of foam. It’s not a sneaker, but it was arguably the best drop of 2021.

Keep an eye out for the fourth Crocodile colorway.

Bad Bunny (2020)

Classic Clog, $291

The anticipation for Bad Bunny’s Crocs was enough to sell out the original release in 16 minutes. They’re still available at the resell price, and the glow-in-the-dark shoe would be perfect to navigate the venue at his upcoming El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo tour.

$300? Blame maldita pobreza (damn poorness).

Justin Bieber Drew House (2021)

Classic Clogs, $77-109

Bieb’s two drew house clogs, offered in orange and lavender, are dressed in hard-to-miss Drew and cartoon Jibbitz. The price point isn’t outrageous, they’re a flattering color, and they’re simple enough to wear anywhere. Unless you’re Victoria Beckham.

He has good intentions with these.

Nicole McLaughlin (2020)

Classic Clog Boot, $146

Another example of an innovative collab, Nicole added paracord and storage to a shoe that can be worn on an outdoor trek.

The DIY queen strikes again.

Hidden Valley Ranch (2021)

Classic Clog, $131

Food had its moment in streetwear and these reigned supreme. Saweetie, obviously, was a huge fan and you can’t go wrong with the creamy white and specks of green. They feature food Jibbitz that go great with the condiment — except for the taco. If you’re putting ranch on tacos, I wanna talk.

Is that my bestie in a...Croc?


Balenciaga (2021)

Platform Clogs, Boots, and Heels, $705-1,400

I can’t not mention these. Balenci did what they thought they had to do and I’m sure these look great on someone. The boots and platforms would actually work in the snow, but those heels...


It stands above the rest, that’s for sure.

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Awake NY (2021)

Classic Clog, $97-102

A heartwarming tale of a man and his Crocs. Founder Angelo Baque has always kept family and personal ties close to his works. Home is where the heart is and these clogs are a great example of that.

A true sole mate.


Post Malone (2020)

Duet Max 2, $139-141

This collab marks the duo’s fifth, featuring two black and pink iterations with adjustable straps and traction-heavy outsoles. He even donated 10,000 pairs of these to healthcare workers during the pandemic.


King Croc himself.

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Post Malone (2019)

Dimitri Clog, $348-650

Since Malone has five Crocs to his name, it’s worth mentioning his other three. These are significantly more expensive, but given that Posty arguably opened the gates to the Crocs collab kingdom, they could be considered a cultural memento.


Who loves Crocs more than Posty?

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Diplo (2021)

Classic Clog and Sandal, $107-122

Diplo took a walk on the wild side for his Crocs collab and it works. From the psychedelic color palette to the oversized mushrooms growing out of it, the Croc is infused with Diplo’s personal touch. Even the sandals share the sentiment.


Where Are Ü Now? Hopefully on your way to buy these.


Beams (2021)

Classic All-Terrain, $106-112

The Japanese brand combined style with functionality, then took that to the next level. With zippered pockets and extra materials galore, it’s like a Swiss Army knife for your feet in terms of versatility.


A shoe that doubles as a coin purse. What more do you need.


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