How to look your best (and comfiest) while you travel

Though many people have committed to wearing matching sets and athleisure full-time, there’s a way to still look put together getting from point A to point B.

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Over the past couple of years, the house has doubled as a sanctuary, office, and entertainment center, saving many from taking the dreaded airport Uber. As the holidays approach and travel is on almost everyone’s radar, here’s a guide to your best — and comfiest — looks for the roads and airways ahead.

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Adidas Ultraboosts, $190

There are few things more annoying than having to take off a pair of high tops while being shoved through TSA. A soft but solid pair of Adidas Ultraboosts can relieve some of the stress of irreparable scuffs from the security bins. Just don’t be that guy who takes them off during the flight.

Twill Cargo Pants, $59

Cargos have come a long way since their spike in the 2000s and much to their benefit. They’re definitely not your dad’s khaki cargos, available today in materials, cuts, and colors galore. Plus, these pants offer an extra leg of storage for on-the-go essentials and pair great with almost any shoe.


Jersey T-Shirt, $45

This breathable t-shirt is made of 100% cotton for a soft and subtle style. Some TSA-ers make you strip bulky layers during security checks, so wearing a backup t-shirt is probably a good idea when it’s time for the pat down or even to adjust to unpredictable airport temperatures.

Lightweight Puffer Jacket, $270

Layers are a lifesaver during the winter but remember that outerwear is dependent on the destination, so plan accordingly. A trendy puffer usually allows space for a hoodie while also serving looks as a main jacket.

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Matching Sweatsuit, $52

This year’s unofficial uniform isn’t going anywhere except on the trip with you. I know, it’s hard to resist a comfy, monochromatic moment, making this set a must for a two- or twelve-hour flight.

Incognito Mode

If you’re particularly feeling like a main character, you can’t go wrong with a Joe Goldberg-inspired baseball hat and sunglasses to hide the travel hair and dry eyes after a flight. After all, the airport is the perfect place to people watch.

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Cross Body Bag, $29

Keeping track of necessary documents, wallet, and vaccine card can be a hassle during the hustle of holiday travel. Less is more with a small bag like this one that will keep everything easy to find and still leave room for your wired headphones, obviously.

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