Why is TikTok so obsessed with this viral carpet cleaner?

Watching dirt get water-vacuumed into oblivion is like ASMR for your eyes.

In every household there is One Who Vacuums. That’s not to say there is only one person who vacuums, but that there is always one person who vacuums above the rest. In my household...

I Am The One Who Vacuums

And as the rightful vacuumer and an occasional reviewer of things people buy on the internet, I was naturally drawn to Bissell’s Little Green Portable Spot Cleaner, not only because it promised to blast away filth loitering in my rugs like some kind of hyper hygienic superhero, but because it is absolutely bananas viral on TikTok.

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#LittleGreenMachine has more than 62 million views on TikTok as of writing this review.

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It’s easy to see why. Seriously, watch these videos of people purifying upholstered objects and tell me you don’t feel closer to God...

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But as satisfying as these videos are to watch, there was only one way to know for certain if Bissell’s cleaner aka the Little Green Machine can bring us all one step closer to True Cleanliness, and that was by wielding its supposed magic on my own filthy, filthy, furniture.

Giddy Up

Bissell’s Little Green Spot Cleaner is incredibly easy to assemble. You screw in one piece of plastic (the holster for the hose attachment) unravel the hose, fill up your tank to the measuring line with solution and then fill the rest of the way to the second line with warm-ish water, and you’re ready to go.

As a side note:

The Little Green Machine comes with a bottle of cleaning solution (enough to get you started), but refills are somewhat costly. Bissell’s concoction will run you about $11 for a 16 oz bottle at Walmart. That being said, there’s no reason you can’t seek out a cheaper solution or even use a home remedy instead.

Cleaning your desired upholstery or carpet is equally as simple. Flip the switch, bring your cleaning brush down upon your enemy filth, and pull the trigger as you scrape the bristled tool towards you.

For a test, I cleaned my couch cushions as well as an old rug I had curled up in a closet

For more settled, stubborn stains you can spray the solution and let it soak for 5 minutes before you begin your conquest over dirt and unsightliness.

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical that the Little Green Machine would actually eviscerate dirt and dust the way it did in all those satisfying TikToks and unfortunately, I was proven correct — or at least I thought I was...

Contrary to some TikToks I’d watched, I didn’t initially see the deluge of dust and grime funnel the brush’s translucent shield (which by the way is a genius piece of design). Instead, my proof lay in the water emptied inside the dirty tank.

The hue of this water does not lie

I also tested the Green Machine out on a dish towel with some deeper, more settled stains, to see just how powerful its cleaning magic is. About 10 minutes of scrubbing didn’t exactly blast the stains away, but it did manage to mitigate the eyesore.


The Little Green Machine works a heck of a lot better than I expected, especially for a cleaner that doesn’t use any steam. It’s not exactly cheap, but for the extreme ease of use and satisfaction, this diminutive emerald gadget feels worth the price.


Bissell's Little Green Machine will run you nearly $100.

Viral products can be a letdown, but Bissell isn’t an overnight brand. In fact, they’ve been around for a solid 140 years making products that suck (in a good way), so it’s safe to say they’ve got carpet cleaning down to a science. It’s also safe to say, somewhat regrettably...

TikTok was right

You win this time, cleaning fanatics.

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