We got the 'Cyberpunk 2077' phone and it's rad beyond your wildest dreams

Phones don't get more limited edition than the China-exclusive OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077. We're one of the first to unbox and touch the collector's item, and it's hands down the best video game collab of 2020.

When OnePlus announced it was partnering with CD Projekt for a limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 version of the OnePlus 8T, our jaws dropped and we couldn't stop drooling.

We had to get our hands on the China-exclusive phone.

We did. And holy mother of god, it lives up to us calling it "the sickest phone collab of 2020." It's no iPhone 12 Pro Max, but if you're even remotely excited for the delayed game and the cyberpunk aesthetic, the limited edition OnePlus 8T doesn't disappoint.

The packaging is to die for. It's done up like an action figure. This special edition 8T comes in a yellow box instead of the regular red. Included with the phone are a bunch of collector's pins.

OnePlus didn't just splash a Cyberpunk 2077 logo and call it a day. There are Cyberpunk 2077-inspired details everywhere, from the custom yellow stickers, to the city map printed with an iridescent shine, to the quick start paperwork.

A special case is also included.

Even the 65-watt Warp fast charger has the Cyberpunk 2077 logo printed on it.

If there's any one thing that would have made everything even better it would have been a yellow charging cable.

This bootup screen is just badass!

It doesn't get more limited edition than the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077, a China-exclusive phone. We got one and it's hands down the best video game collab of 2020.

The glass back has this really stunning two-tone asymmetric design with a granite-like pattern that bleeds into a glossy glass finish with the Cyberpunk 2077 logo and a yellow trim towards the bottom.

There are sweet yellow accents at the power and volume buttons, too.

Its massive rectangular camera bump that stretches edge to edge? It's nowhere as bulbous as it looks in close-up photos. OnePlus chamfered the edges to reduce its thickness. And yes, we tried it: it doesn't rock back and forth when it's on a flat surface and you tap the screen.

The Cyberpunk 2077 inspirations go beyond the exterior. OnePlus has skinned OxygenOS 11 (Android 11) with a custom theme, wallpaper, icon pack, and sounds to really up the ante.

Check out this custom notification menu.

We're still shaking from the sheer beauty of this collaboration! 🤤🤤🤤

If you're thinking of importing the Cyberpunk 2077 OnePlus 8T, you better be ready to pay top dollar. This limited edition phone is fetching over double its $600-ish retail price on places like eBay. Also, beware: it comes with a ton of Chinese apps and zero Google apps. (Remember, Google Play doesn't exist in China.)

For an in-depth look at the OnePlus 8T's display, performance, battery, and cameras, be sure to check out our full review here.

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