Steelseries’ water-resistant keyboard survives the deadliest spills

Steelseries’ Apex 3 TKL will make sure you aren’t crying over a glass of spilled milk — or any other liquids, for that matter.

In an age of multi-hundred-dollar price tags, custom-tuned switches, and designer-made keycaps, many mechanical keyboards still face one potentially crucial flaw: They can’t survive a spilled drink. Steelseries’ Apex 3 TKL is meant to respond to this problem.

The Apex 3 TKL retails for $45 and boasts an IP32 water-resistance rating, which means the keyboard is protected from any solid objects 2.5mm or larger (metal wires and tools, for example) and water from up to a 15-degree angle.

So... is it water-resistant?

The short answer: Yes, it’s definitely water-resistant.

It’s also Gatorade-resistant.

...And soda-resistant.

While the Apex 3 doesn’t have the best keypress, nor does it have a particularly sturdy assembly (i.e. the board will flex if you try to bend it with your hands), it still works well for gaming. The keyboard boasts a 24-key rollover (meaning it can register 24 keys being pressed at the same time) and is almost fully remappable through the Steelseries Engine.

Along with this, the keyboard also has a few other small features that most people would appreciate: A dedicated volume wheel and, right below it, a button mapped to play/pause. While those buttons can’t be reprogrammed, they’re still welcome additions.

If you’re looking for a particularly robust typing experience, though, this keyboard might not be for you: It is, obviously, a budget-friendly membrane keyboard.

While the Apex 3 offers a ton of perks for the price, it isn’t going to compare to a $100+ mechanical keyboard with individual switches. The keys are a bit mushy and have a rattly, plastic-y sound when typing on them — par for the course among membrane boards.

However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive water-resistant keyboard, either to protect against spilled drinks or your dangerously sweaty gamer hands, then this is a fantastic option. For under $50, the Apex 3 TKL offers a reliable keyboard with programmable keys, dedicated volume controls, and effective waterproofing, making it a fantastic tool for even the most accident-prone and anxious gamers.

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