Boosted Beams review: light up the night

Shredding the streets on your Boosted Board at night is safer when cars can see you.

Boosted Boards are great. They're very fast, get a lot of mileage, and super easy to ride. With Beams — Boosted's integrated headlights and taillights — they're safer to ride on in the dark.

A helmet is a must. But you know what else is great for safety?

Lights so that you can see the road ahead and cars can see you coming through.


The lumen count of the Beams, which are extremely bright. Each headlight projects 300 lumens of light; for reference, a car's low-beam headlight emits about 700 lumens and a high-beam about 1,200 lumens.

Don't look directly into them or you'll blind yourself.

50 LMS

The brake light outputs a far less powerful 50 lumens of light, but it’s still bright enough for people to see you at night.

Unlike third-party light mods, the Beams can be controlled with your Boosted Board remote (or the Boosted app). A double-press of the power button turns the lights on and off.

Boosted longboards are heavy enough — a Stealth weighs 17 pounds. The Beams add another 5.6 ounces total to your board. It's not enough to slow down your board's top speed by much. But it's still extra weight to drag around (like on trains or buses).

Add on the thicker 105 wheels (sold separately for $169), which are 30% larger than standard Boosted wheels, and your ride gets even heavier.

Fun fact: there's a built-in 15-watt USB-C port that can be used to fast charge your phone. It can also be used to charge your Boosted Board remote (thankfully a USB-C-to-Mini-USB is included).

Some assembly is required, but it's all really straightforward. Attaching the Beams shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes. At most 30 minutes if you don't know your way around tools.

$200 for night visibility is better than landing in the hospital and paying more in medical bills.


You can find cheaper third-party light kits, but they tend to be dimmer and don't integrate directly with the remote and Boosted app. If you ride at night often, the Beams are worth the money.


Good luck finding Beams, though. With Boosted bankrupt — its patents sold to Lime and Last Mile SF (now rebranded as Boosted USA) only selling Boosted's leftover inventory — the only way to get Beams is to pay a markup for it via a third-party seller or buy it used. Another thing to note: there's no promise the Beams will work with the last version of the Boosted app since it's no longer being developed. Buy with caution.

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