The 13 best gadgets we reviewed in 2020

2020 was a very good year for gadgets. Despite the pandemic, tech companies kept the bangers coming month after month. In no specific order, these are the 13 gadgets that won our hearts.

We reviewed a mountain of stuff this year. Seriously, go catch up if you're new here. As 2020 comes to an end, we're looking back at the gadgets that moved the needle for us. The most fun, most useful, and most surprising tech that got us through The Longest Year Ever.


OnePlus 8 Pro

No gimmicks. Just high quality materials, super speedy performance, 120Hz refresh rate, and a quad-camera setup that's finally flagship level. It's so good we called it the "God Emperor of Android."

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Oculus Quest 2

Smaller, lighter, and with higher resolution output than the original all-in-one VR headset, the Oculus Quest 2 showed VR had staying power. It's also $100 cheaper than the OG, too.

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Lego NES

This 2,646-piece Lego NES set is a brilliant throwback to the original Nintendo console. Come for the hand-cranked 8-bit Mario level, level up with a mod that turns it into a real playable NES.

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Surface Headphones 2

Most noise-cancellation headphones are pricey. Microsoft's Surface Headphones 2 start at $250, which is less than Bose 700 ($380), Sony WH-1000XM4 ($350), and AirPods Max ($550). They sound great; they're light; and have control rings on each ear cup for noise-cancellation and volume.

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PlayStation 5

Compared to the Xbox Series S/X, which are literally boxes, Sony stole the show for next-gen with the ridiculously designed (and sized) PlayStation 5. With fancy new haptics in the DualSense and more exclusives, the PS5 easily "won" the next-gen launch.

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Galaxy Z Fold 2

While everyone else's foldable sucked, Samsung went and improved the original Fold in virtually every way. The Z Fold 2 is the pinnacle of phone innovation. It'll set you back $2,000, but damn is it nice.

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M1 MacBook Air

Apple's switch away from Intel to its own silicon made the impossible possible. Best-in-class battery life? Check. Best-in-class performance? Check. Fanless? Check. The M1 MacBook Air is the best thin-and-light laptop. Period.

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Nest Audio

The Nest Audio has few compromises. It gets very loud, sounds great, and comes with the Google Assistant, the smartest digital assistant in any smart speaker.

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Kobo Libra H2O

Amazon made over $100 billion this year. Off the pandemic. It's sickening. Stick it to Jeff Bezos with the Kobo Libra H2O, an e-reader that's arguably superior to a Kindle in every way.

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GoPro Hero 9 Black

Even though we mostly stayed at home this year, the camera releases didn't stop. The one that we loved most was the Hero 9 Black. The stabilization is better; the battery life longer; and GoPro finally added a display on the front (perfect for vlogging).

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Razer Kishi

Whether you're using the Kishi to play classic games via emulation or Xbox games through xCloud, Razer's smartphone controller delivers with excellent controls and compatibility.

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iPhone 12 (all of them)

Apple didn't mess around this year. It released not one, not two, not three, but four iPhone 12s. All with a new design, mmWave 5G, and A14 Bionic chip. Easily the most exciting iPhones in years.

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reMarkable 2

Get an iPad if you want the best overall tablet. However, if you're a notetaking fanatic, the reMarkable 2 offers a more paper-like writing and sketching experience. The E Ink refresh has even gotten faster since launch.

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That's a wrap! What was your favorite gadget released in 2020? What are you most excited for in 2021? Tell us on Twitter @inputmag and Instagram @input!


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