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Steven T. Wright is a freelance gaming writer for Input. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Polygon, GameSpot, and The Outline (RIP). When he’s not diving into the next hundred-hour triple-A game, he enjoys playing pinball, reading weird fantasy novels, and lobbying Square Enix for a Legacy of Kain sequel. (So far, no dice.)

Sorry, gamers: It's actually a terrible time to upgrade your PC

Prices for PC components are relatively cheap right now, but you should think twice before dumping thousands of dollars on a total rebuild.


Meet the hacker colorizing the Game Boy games you forgot about

Grayscale aesthetics were a necessity on the original Game Boy, but hackers like Ivan "toruzz" Delgado are bringing a splash of color to retro games.


Why the 8BitDo Pro 2 is the best controller for retro gaming

It's always great to play retro games on the original controller, but the 8BitDo Pro 2 is actually better than the real thing.


Amid the crypto crash, should you buy a used GPU?

Desperate crypto miners are flooding the market with used graphics cards, but you should consider all the pros and cons carefully carefully before taking the plunge.


This year has been so bad for games that Skyrim is back in the charts

May 2022 was one of the slowest months for game sales in years, and as a result, Skyrim is back in the top 20 best-selling games.

Blast from the past

Sonic Frontiers will be ‘open-zone,’ with no smooching allowed

Sega has a few simple rules for dating its teenage hedgehog in Sonic Frontiers, so you won't see the Blue Blur kissing people anytime soon.

Closed ring

Capcom finally acknowledged Dragon's Dogma, but fans want a lot more

Capcom says that it will mark the tenth anniversary of cult game, but die-hard fans were hoping for a sequel.


Is anybody actually excited for PlayStation VR 2?

Sony's recent State of Play showed off a lot of promising games, but we're still not sure what exactly to expect from PS VR 2.

Hype life

Hollow Knight: Silksong is real, but you won't be playing it soon

The much-anticipated sequel to indie classic Hollow Knight emerged from its cocoon, but it won't be out for months.

Into the nest

Why the Persona collection announcement is so infuriating

It's nice that the incredible Persona games are coming to Xbox Game Pass, but the devil's in the details.

Earn my dread

Sonic Frontiers haters just don't understand the game, Sonic Team says

In a new interview, Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka says that the "open zone" format will silence the haters, and denied any rumored delays.

Open whirled

We've finally seen Starfield, and the internet can't get enough

A fifteen-minute gameplay preview of Bethesda's new IP, Starfield, lives up to its billing of "Skyrim in space."

Old frontiers

Fed-up GameStop employees quit en masse, stating ‘we are not God’

Four GameStop employees in Nebraska walked out of their store last weekend, citing bad working conditions and abusive upper management.

Workers' rights

Hideo Kojima's rumored new horror game, Overdose, leaks online

Supposed details of new horror game by Metal Gear maestro Hideo Kojima have trickled out, and some aren't happy about it.

Left stranded

Grit will be the first NFT game to launch on Epic Games Store

Gala Games' battle royale shooter Grit will launch on Epic, which has shown interest in NFT games.

Blockchain royale

E3 will rise from the dead in 2023 as an in-person event

Despite many eulogies, the ESA has announced that E3 will return in 2023 as a digital and in-person event.

E3 1999 Eternal

Nintendo hoped hacker's prison term would send a message to pirates

A newly-released transcript of a hacker's sentencing hearing reveals that Nintendo wanted his prison term to strike fear in the hearts of pirates, among other things.

Hack attack

iOS 16 lets you use Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Pro controllers with iPhone

If you're tired of using those touch controls, your iPhone's iOS 16 will let you use the Nintendo controllers you have lying around.


Elden Ring YouTuber accused of mistranslating Latin for clout

In a bizarre community spat, some have accused an up-and-coming Elden Ring YouTuber of using Google Translate to mislead fans about the lyrics of in-game music.

Lore wars

Start your doomsday prepping, AC: New Horizons' clock stops in 2061

Your Animal Crossing-addicted friends will finally be released from their Sisyphean trial in 40 years, but don't be surprised if they roll it down the hill.

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