The absolute best cases for the iPhone 13 Pro

With all of the extra features that come with the iPhone 13 Pro, you’re going to want to keep it safe.

The iPhone 13 Pro is a top-notch phone — it's launching with a seriously improved camera system, a powerful A15 Bionic chip, and lightning fast refresh rates. It’s also a tad thicker and heavier than its predecessor, meaning a new case is an immediate must-buy when you upgrade your phone.

Luckily the iPhone case machine is already churning out plenty of great options.

Apple Silicone Case

The standard silicone case is as simple as they come, but the official Apple options gets the job done. The iPhone 13 Pro doesn’t come with as many color options as the smaller iPhone 13, but there are plenty of case colors to choose from at Apple.

$49 at Apple

Apple Leather Case

If silicone is a little basic for you, upgrade to Apple’s stylish leather case. This case is soft to the touch and comes in a handful of interesting colors.

$59 at Apple

Apple Clear Case

If you’re obsessed with the color of your iPhone 13 Pro (like the gorgeous Sierra Blue), grab a clear case and let that hardware shine! This case is built tough and designed to stay clear for a long time.

$49 from Apple

OtterBox Aneu Series Case

Otterbox brings super protection to an ultra-slim case with the Aneu Series. Despite Otterbox’s reputation for bulky, simple cases, these iPhone 13 Pro options are stunning.

$49.95 from Apple

OtterBox Figura Series Case

An artsy Otterbox case? Add a little flair to your phone case with this small selection of colorful graphic designs and your new phone will standout in a crowd.

$49.95 from Apple

Incipio Organicore Case

This case lets your iPhone color choice breathe with a transparent back, and adds a complementary colored textured grip around the sides to keep it secure in your hand. Organicore cases are also 100% compostable.

If clear isn’t your vibe, Incipio has solid-colored Organicore cases as well.

$44.99 at Incipio

Moment iPhone 13 Pro Case

Moment makes slim, stylish, and clean cases in a variety of colors. This one has a 6-foot drop protection and includes a small space for a wrist strap attachment for anyone who regularly lets their phone slip right out of their hands.

$49.99 from Moment

Torras MoonClimber Kickstand Case

If you’re constantly Facetiming with friends or watching your favorite TV shows on your phone and really want to take advantage of the larger IPhone 13 Pro screen, you’ve gotta get a case with a kickstand. This is the ultimate hands-free case.

$25.99 on Amazon

Spigen Tough Armor Case

This case is heavy-duty, to say the least. The dual-layer design offers extra protection from drops, the entire case has a good grip to it, and there’s a slightly higher raise added around the camera for protecting the trio of lenses.

$39.99 from Spigen

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

If you haven’t come around to rocking an entirely digital wallet yet, having space for your cards in your phone case is the next best thing. This sleek leather case has space to hold three standard cards in the back slot.

​​$49.90 from Mujjo

Nomad Sport Case

This case offers standard 6-foot drop protection and has a classic minimalist look. With a grip bumper, gloss back and striking metal buttons, Nomad has made a stylish case for anyone trying to avoid busy, attention-grabbing features.

$39.95 from Nomad

Pad & Quill LeatherSafe Pocket Book Case

If you want to look like you mean business and have everything you need attached to your phone, a sizable wallet case is the way to go. This leather case can hold up to six cards, looks sophisticated, and only adds half an inch to the overall thickness of your phone.

$89.95 from Pad & Quill

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