How to take a rear-camera selfie with the Galaxy Z Fold 3

Using your big boy camera module to take high-quality selfies has never been easier.

Folding phones are pretty darn cool. Not just because of the novelty of seeing a modern smartphone display literally bend in half without breaking, but also because of their unique form factor, which can improve things like video calling, portability, and arguably the most important of all smartphone abilities...



Samsung’s Z Fold 3, for example, can pivot its front-facing cover, allowing users to leverage the power of the phone’s full camera array for selfies. That means you no longer have to compromise your picture quality every time you post a pic of yourself on Instagram.

So how do you start taking high-qual selfies with the Z Fold 3?


First, you’re going to want to open the camera app on the cover display to pull up all of your camera options. From here you’ll want to tap the selfie button at the top right. (Pictured: our reviews editor, Ray Wong, walking me through the process on an actual Z Fold 3)

You should see a screen that looks like this.

From there, the process couldn’t be any more straightforward. Just flip the Z Fold open so the main camera module is facing you, frame up your high-quality selfie, and...


That’s pretty much it!

You can obviously do the same thing using the Fold’s under-display selfie cam by flipping the phone open and using the camera app, but the quality leaves something to be desired, and using a regular, old selfie cam isn’t nearly as satisfying as making full use of your fancy folding device.

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