How to pair your Nintendo Switch to Bluetooth headphones

The age of using your Bluetooth earbuds with your Switch has finally arrived.

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It’s been four years since the initial release of the Nintendo Switch and we’re finally getting access to the bleeding edge, most high-tech feature of our collective gaming dreams...


Bluetooth audio support


That’s right, Nintendo has presumably filled the junior-level dev position it’s been hiring for since 2017 and rolled out a much-needed software update, which means you can now connect your AirPods or any other Bluetooth headset with your Switch for wireless audio.



Before we go over how to set up your headphones, just know that some people are experiencing a bug where it takes a little bit too long to wake from Sleep Mode after pairing your headphones. Mine seemed to take a couple seconds longer post-update. So, if that’s not a risk you’re willing to take, you may want to hold off on the update until things are totally clear.


If you’re fine with potentially having to wait a little longer for your Switch to wake up, you can plow ahead with the update by navigating to, “System Settings,” scrolling all the way down to, “System,” and then choosing “System Update.”

Your Switch should begin updating and restart when everything is downloaded and installed. Once you’re equipped with the latest software, you can navigate to “System Settings” once more and scroll down to “Bluetooth Audio” and then select, “Pair device.”

From there you can follow the directions for pairing your specific Bluetooth device and wait for the twain to connect.


There are a couple of quirks here to keep in mind. For one, you can only have two wireless controllers paired while using Bluetooth audio, which shouldn’t be too much of a hinderance since most people are probably gaming solo while using headphones anyway.

You also can’t use any Bluetooth microphones and any device you connect to your console will automatically unpair as soon as your console enters Sleep Mode. Latency might also be a factor depending on what kind of headphones or earbuds you’re using.

Quirks and bugs aside, Bluetooth audio is a welcome, if overdue, addition to the Switch’s list of features and a major blow to Switch-fueled 3.5mm jack extension purchases. RIP Amazon Basics male to female connector, I barely knew thee.

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