How to use fast travel in The Ascent

Save yourself some time and some frustration.

Despite its best efforts, Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t ruined neon-lit dystopias quite yet. For proof, look no further than The Ascent, a top-down shooter from developers Neon Giant that’s blowing up right now.

The Ascent is a lot of things; it’s fast-paced, it’s action-packed, it’s moody, and more frustratingly (thanks to a multi-tiered map) it can be a spatially dizzying, which is why learning how to use features like fast travel is important for playing the game, but also for maintaining your sanity.

Here’s exactly how to take advantage of fast travel

In The Ascent, there are actually two separate ways to fast travel: by subway and by taxi, both of which have their own unique advantages and limitations.


Subway or metro travel is unlocked after the game’s third main quest and allows players to travel instantly between districts in the game. To find a subway station to travel from, use your map to navigate to an “M” icon and board the train. From there you’ll be able to select any district that you’ve previously visited.

There’s not much granularity here, so you won’t be able to choose a specific drop-off point, but it should at least get you in the ballpark of where you’re trying to go.


Like subway travel, calling a Taxi can transport you to a district of your choosing (as long as you’ve been there previously). It’s also unlocked in The Ascent’s third main quest, “Trading Places” by speaking to the character Noghead.

Unlike subway travel, however, Taxis can drop you off to more specific locations. The catch is that, just like rides in the real world, it’s going to cost you — one ride runs you 1,000 uCreds.

To hail a taxi, all you need to do is press left on the D-pad and then select which area you want to go.

Taxis can transport you from anywhere, but can’t be hailed during combat, so don’t expect to use fast travel as a means of escaping danger. You also won’t be able to use fast travel, either by subway or by taxi, to travel between tiers (vertically).

Instead you’ll have to travel to the nearest elevator and then use that to ascend or descend to your desired location.

That’s pretty much it...

With the aforementioned knowledge you should be able to start fast traveling around The Arcology with ease — that is if you don’t get mowed down by a Megarachnoid in the process.

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