How to download the iOS 15 beta right now

You can try Apple’s new feature-packed OS today, but make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Apple is ushering in iOS 15 with updates to FaceTime, notifications, and robust privacy reports that detail how often you’re being sleuthed on, which are all welcome additions to the iOS ecosystem, except...

iOS 15 doesn’t technically come out ‘til this fall.

We say “technically” here for a reason.

The beta

An initial version of the iOS 15 beta meant for developers is out now, but if you’re willing to put up with some bugs and potentially fork over some money it can easily be downloaded on iPhones as old as the 6S.

A brief disclaimer:

Betas are inherently buggy, so before you run off downloading iOS 15, just make sure you know what you’re signing up for — which is an incomplete version. We highly recommend backing up your iPhone first before you take the leap or downloading the beta on a non-essential device.

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With that out of the way...

First thing you’ll have to do is decide whether it’s worth it to register with Apple as a developer. Currently, that’s the only official way (see an unofficial method next) to download the developer beta and unfortunately, it costs $99 for the year. It can take about 48 hours for Apple to process your registration, so if you’re looking to download the beta right this very moment, just keep that in mind.

There are purported workarounds to skirt the developer fee which involve paying a service a small fee to register your iPhone’s Unique Device ID (UDID) as a developer, but we can’t necessarily guarantee those services are legit, and giving out your UDID isn’t great opsec. Remember: You can always just wait for the public beta to come out next month and get iOS 15 for free.


But if you choose to press on...

Go to the Apple developer site, sign in with your Apple ID, and tap “Downloads” then “Install Profile.”

When the profile is downloaded you can navigate to Settings, tap “Profile Downloaded” underneath your Apple ID, then “Install” and follow the instructions.

Your iPhone will restart after the download. When that’s done, navigate to “Settings,” then “General,” then “Software Updates” where the beta will be available for download.

And that’s pretty much it!

As we mentioned, a public beta will be available in July, so if downloading the developer beta is too much work or money, then you can always wait it out a few more weeks for a (hopefully less buggy) version to drop.

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