How to change Siri’s voice in iOS 14.5

Apple's newest Siri voices are here and just a few taps away.

Apple’s latest iOS is ushering in lots of new features. You’ve got new anti-tracking features; the ability to unlock your iPhone with an Apple Watch; support for Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 controllers, and...

A few new voices for Siri to try on...

If switching out your Siri sounds appealing, we’ve got you covered.


Apple said it will now prompt users to choose a voice option for Siri instead of defaulting to a female voice, but that approach will only work for those setting up new devices.

So, if you’re not starting from scratch, you can start by navigating to “Settings,” “Siri & Search,” and then “Siri Voice.”

From here you’ll be able to test out new Siri voices by tapping on the options, with voices two and three being the new additions to the voice assistant’s repertoire.

Voice two is Apple’s new female Siri voice, while three is the male addition.

Once you’ve made up your mind, you can select your preferred voice to download it. Once the download is complete, your selection will be the default voice Siri uses to respond to your requests.

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Siri’s new voice options are also applicable to macOS 11.3, so if you want to change your assistant’s delivery there you can do so by navigating to “System Preferences,” “Siri,” and then selecting the voice you want from the menu.

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That’s it, you’re done!

We hope you and your new Siri voice get along swimmingly.

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