The absolute best cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Let’s protect your latest $1,000 phone upgrade.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is big. It’s got a 6.7-inch screen (with a small notch), weighs in at 8.46 oz., and towers over the already sizable iPhone 13 Pro. While Apple boasts having a surgical-grade stainless steel shell and a ceramic shield over the screen, investing in a solid case is never a bad idea when picking up the latest and greatest iPhone.

Here are the best cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max out right now.

Apple Silicone Case

If you generally keep your iPhone safe and sound, the standard silicone case from Apple is all you need. It gets the job done and comes in a handful of fun, complementary colors.

$49 at Apple

Apple Leather Case

Apple’s second-tier case is a beaut. This finished leather case is soft to the touch, has a more mature vibe than the average case, and still keeps your iPhone safe and snug.

$59 at Apple

Apple Clear Case

After all the time you put into deciding which color iPhone 13 Pro Max to buy, it’d be a shame to immediately cover it up with a case! If you love the base color of your iPhone, go clear.

$49 at Apple

OtterBox Aneu Series Case

If you’re looking for just a splash of color for your case but still want a top-notch protector, the OtterBox Aneu Series is the way to go. Designed specifically for the iPhone 13 launch, it’s simple and strong.

$49.95 at Apple

OtterBox Figura Series Case

Want that superior Otterbox seal of safety but need a bit of artistry? The brand’s Figura Series brings some seriously funky vibes to a super safe case.

$49.95 at Apple

Otterbox Defender Series Pro XT Case

If the Apple exclusives don’t strike you, Otterbox’s Defender Series features the brand's best-of-the-best case. It’s rugged, has antimicrobial case protection, and has gone through extensive drop testing.

$74.95 at Otterbox

Incipio Organicore Case

Incipio’s Organicore line is made with eco-friendly material made from plants and is 100% compostable. An Earth-friendly construction isn’t all though — it also delivers 8-foot drop protection.

$39.99 at Incipio

Spigen Tough Armor Case

If you’re a klutz with your phone, this case is for you — it features extreme impact foam under durable layers and an all-around grippy surface. It’s even got a little extra raise to protect that gorgeous new trip of cameras.

$49.99 at Spigen

Spigen Slim Armor CS Case

This case offers safety without sacrificing the slim and sleek design of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. And this Spigen design has the added bonus of a low-profile secret slot that can hold two standard cards.

$39.99 at Spigen

Moment MagEZ Case 2

This case is focused on a superior magnet for easy wireless charging and car mounting at the most extreme angles. It’s form-fitting — only adding just over half an inch of thickness to your phone — and has an all-over grippy exterior.

$59.99 from Moment

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

If you haven’t come around to digital wallets but want your cards front-and-center, a wallet case is an excellent choice. This high-quality leather case has space for up to three cards and offers protection designed specifically for the iPhone 13.

$54.90 from Mujjo

Pad & Quill LeatherSafe Luxury Book Case

Pad & Quill’s leather Book Case looks sophisticated and is the ultimate case if you want your iPhone 13 Pro Max front-and-center in everything you do. With room for up to seven standard cards and cash, it’s an easy wallet replacement. And check out that cherry hardwood protective tray!

$109.95 from Pad & Quill

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