The absolute best cases for the iPhone 13

Every new iPhone needs a brand new case to match!

While the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 have practically identical dimensions, the newer model is .25mm thicker and has a slightly wider camera configuration — meaning you’re going to have to upgrade your case along with your phone.

Apple Silicone Case

The silicone case is the bare minimum protection-wise, but it’s simple and clean. Apple’s basic case comes in eight different colors that’ll either complement or contrast with your phone.

$49 at Apple

Apple Leather Case

For a little more flair and style, Apple’s finished leather case is soft and will change with age like any other leather product. The five color options are unique to this style, too.

$59 at Apple

Apple Clear Case

What’s the point of picking out the perfect iPhone 13 color for you only to cover up your favorite look with a case? If you’re a big fan of whichever iPhone style you choose, go with the clear case to let its natural beauty shine!

$49 at Apple

OtterBox Aneu Series Case

Otterbox has become synonymous with serious protection, and this case designed exclusively for Apple means business. Even with that ultra-safe label, this is still a slim case that’ll slip into your pocket.

$49.95 at Apple

OtterBox Figura Series Case

If you want that Otterbox quality but need a bit more of an artsy look than the run-of-the-mill case, the Figura Series will be up your alley. With four distinct colorful and creative looks, you’ll never mistake someone else’s phone for yours ever again.

$49.95 at Apple

Moment iPhone 13 Case

If you want something simple like Apple’s silicone case but want a few more color options and some additional grip, Moment is the way to go.

$49.99 from Moment

Incipio Organicore Case

An eco-friendly case with 8-foot drop protection? Hell yes. This case is plant-based and compostable, so you can feel a little less guilty when you inevitably buy another case for fun

For an extra couple bucks, you can get a clear one.

39.99 at Incipio

Spigen Slim Armor Case

This case combines style and simplicity for a minimalist classic-black case. It’s super slim but is designed with dual-layer defense and what Spigen calls “Air Cushion Technology” — in other words, it’ll keep your phone safe.

$54.99 at Spigen

Spigen Geo 360 Case

This case is inspired by off-road vehicles and is built with more heavy-duty protection in mind. If you’re the kind of person who goes through a few phones a year, this is your savior.

$59.99 at Spigen

Nomad Modern Leather Case

For a more sophisticated look, this case is made from vegetable-tanned Horween leather. It isn’t all show though — it’s still got 10-foot drop protection and an internal shock absorption bumper.

$59.95 at Nomad

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Who has time to reach for their wallet when there’s so much to do on the iPhone 13? Keep your phone protected and your cards and ID within easy reach with this stylish wallet case.

$49.90 at Mujjo

Casely iPhone 13 Case

Let’s face it, most phone cases look boring. Casely offers cases that are as protective as other brands but they have so many more design options. I’m partial to this potted plant design from illustrator Frankie Penwill, but there are plenty of designs to choose from.

From $30 at Casely

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