A YouTuber re-created 'The Simpsons Hit & Run' in a week

Unfortunately, the demo was removed just as fast as it was made.

In the early 2000s Grand Theft Auto was the great video game scourge made out to be a society-ending poison pill and so The Simpsons: Hit & Run provided a parent-friendly alternative.


While Hit & Run didn’t exactly follow all the same beats as GTA, it basically boiled down to a man wreaking havoc across a city in his quest to complete “missions.” In GTA one could use guns and cars, while in Hit & Run, vehicles were your main option.


While Hit & Run was never re-released, reubs, an unreal dev remastered the game on his own

The YouTuber built the game up from scratch using a combination of existing source codes and his own programming savvy.

1 week

That's how long it took reubs says it took him to finish the project.

A demonstration of the first mission in the game.reubs
He even added a new first-person POV feature reubs

For those of you who want a more detailed look at how reub actually created this, which is something we highly recommend, you can check it out here. The end product featured 4K graphics and ray-tracing capabilities

A look at some of the creation process reub

Though the demo was initially made available on his Patreon, it was taken down shortly after it was released due to “copyright concerns,” so for now, this YouTube walkthrough might be the closest you’ll get to actually playing a revamped Hit & Run.


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