We're obsessed with this Rayman fan game

Rayman Redemption is a masterpiece. It's also a fan game.

Rayman first came to the Atari Jaguar in 1995 — but has spent the entirety of its life being ported elsewhere. It's recently gotten yet another port... and a second lease on life.

Rayman Redemption is a fan-made high definition remake (not a remaster, mind you) of the original Rayman game á la Sonic Mania by Rayman superstan Ryemanni.

A legend back to his origin

The game is redesigned for its new 16:9 aspect ratio and features snazzy new HD pixel art as well as new worlds, collectibles, level, mini games, and music. (It even has its own official soundtrack!)


different levels, unlockable bonus levels and outfits for our titular hero as he progresses.

You can, ahem, procure a copy of this fan game at Gamejolt, but be advised: This is most certainly a violation of Ubisoft's intellectual property rights so, while we're enthusiastic, we take no responsibility for what you or the developer do from here.

While we wait for Rayman to make his way over to Super Smash Bros., we'll have Rayman Redemption to keep us busy.

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