Watching this video is the closest you'll get to playing Mario Kart IRL

Third-person vantage is courtesy of a Skydio self-flying drone.

You might not ever get to play a real-world version of Mario Kart (even with Nintendo World’s new augmented reality ride) but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream of zooming around in a go-kart shelling your friends and enemies into oblivion for Flower Cup glory.

Or better yet, you could watch an epic IRL reenactment of said Mario Kart mayhem.

This video, which is aptly titled “Mow-Rio Kart” is the work of filmmaker Ian Padgham, who, with the help of a lawn mower, a Skydio self-flying drone, and some pretty spiffy editing, was able to recreate some iconic Mario Kart antics, including...


Chain chomp


As noted by The Verge, Padgham isn’t actually playing Mario Kart here, but rather set his Skydio drone to track him as he rode a lawnmower around his yard, adding effects afterward. In any case, the results are pretty fun to watch.

A bonus vid of Padgham cutting his lawn.

Just make sure you watch out for those pesky blue shells.

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You can visit Padgham’s Instagram or Twitter page where he does some similarly snazzy video editing.

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