Watch this intro for an unreleased Sonic RPG

Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood was Bioware's only release for the Nintendo DS.


In the Fall of 2008, Bioware, the developer known for grand RPG world-building in the form of games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins, put a spin on the Sonic franchise with an RPG involving turn-based combat called Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood.

This intro was never shown in its entirety.Jonathan Cooper

Thanks to Jonathan Cooper, a Scottish video game animator, an unreleased 2D cinematic intro was released into the world, or rather, onto Twitter in its entirety.

Dr. Eggman certainly looks slimier here.Jonathan Cooper

The 2D work was eventually cut by SEGA, which opted instead to include a montage of gameplay.

In the intro, we see Sonic battling a grungier, more grotesque-looking Dr. Eggman.

The video was put together by Joel MacMillan and Nick DiLiberto, the game’s respective lead artist and lead animator. The intro was actually animated at home, but rendered and colored at the studio, and takes cues from heavy metal animated films from the early 2000s.


To view the trailer in its entirety, you can check out Jonathan’s original Twitter thread here. I hope I’m not alone in saying I’d be interest to see SEGA bring back an RPG-focused Sonic title...

Jonathan Cooper

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