Watch this YouTuber turn the Shire into an epic wargaming board

One incredibly detailed Lord of the Rings tabletop gaming board to rule them all.

Wargaming boards can get incredibly elaborate, but it’s not every day you get to see something truly powerful, something big, green, cinematic, Hobbit-y...


One wargaming board to rule them all

This detailed board is the creation of YouTuber, Real Terrain Hobbies, and encapsulates one of Lord of the Rings’ most iconic locales, home to all that is Hobbity: the Shire.

If this board looks like it took a lot of time and effort, that’s because it absolutely did. Neil, the proprietor of Real Terrain Hobbies, started the project back in May and only just released the final installment of the Shire build this month. Not too bad considering it took Sam and Frodo 6 months to get to Mordor.

24 sq. ft

Pretty big for a mini Shire.

📷: Real Terrain Hobbies

You don’t necessarily have to be into wargaming to enjoy this bananas replica of the Shire — the entire thing is also a feat of 3D printing. Each and every building was made and designed by Neil, which is actually allowing him to spread the Shire love far and wide.

In an upcoming Kickstarter fans of Neil’s work will be able to fund the creation of “Hillside Hamlet” models — the same ones used in his Shire board — which they’ll be able to use on their own wargaming boards at home.

Or if Lord of the Rings isn’t your thing, there’s also plenty of non-Hobbit videos to ogle on Neil’s channel, though none feel quite as homey as the Shire.

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