Someone made a wooden PS5 that actually jives with your decor

You'll never have to worry about your console ruining your aesthetic ever again.

There’s at least one aspect of Sony’s next-gen PlayStation that makes it a divisive console, and it’s got nothing to do with performance, games, or even the fact that it’s nearly impossible to get right now...

We’re talking about its “Lewk”

Some adjectives to describe this gaming monstrosity: big; shiny; white; large; huge; towering; taking up all the room on your TV stand; did we say big and white?

Love it or loathe it, the PlayStation 5 is a lot of people’s aesthetic nightmare. Unless you live in a super modern house or apartment, or perhaps a space ship, the PS5’s bold, curvy white design will probably throw your room off. Though, if YouTuber DIY Perks is any indication, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In a new video, Matthew Perks, who runs the channel DIY Perks, demonstrates how he was able to give the PS5 a pretty transformative makeover — one that moves the needle away from 2001: Space Odyssey and toward an appearance that’s closer to a vintage record player or an IKEA Bluetooth speaker.

The transformative appearance steals the show here; Perks’ thoughtful reengineering of the PS5’s assembly is pure artistry.

Check out how he strips away everything but the core and then re-assembles parts to fit a new form factor. Perks even takes some engineering cues from Sony by using foam to guide heat flow out of the console.

Because, heat + real wood = uh-oh.

In the end, it’s the little design flourishes that really make this thing pop, though. For instance...

The use of carbon fiber.

These hexagonal fan vents.

Shiny, shiny, walnut.

As much as we’d like to call this a “DIY” project, we’re not sure to what extent this qualifies as something you could reasonably do yourself, unless wood-working, acute knowledge of thermodynamics, and experience cutting carbon fiber are on your short list of surprise skills.

But even if this isn’t a project you’d want to (or could) undertake yourself, it’s still a fascinating exercise in thinking about how the PS5 could’ve turned out different, and if you’re still itching to give your console a bit of a makeover, we’ve got you covered.

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