Watch this leaked gameplay of GTA’s spiffy new remasters

Just a day before their release, we're getting an unsanctioned first look at Grand Theft Auto remasters.

Christmas came early for fans eagerly awaiting remasters of three of the most iconic Grand Theft Auto titles.

Leaks are showing off lots of gameplay from the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, which compiles GTA III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas into a neat, graphically spiffy, new package.

The leaks were shared across Reddit and YouTube, totaling to nearly an hour of gameplay altogether. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen images from the remasters, it’s definitely the best glimpse at just how clean the games look.

Not to mention, some updated menus, maps, and weapon wheels.

While gameplay leaks will interest anyone even remotely intrigued by playing a revamped GTA, it won’t be very long until you can just play the remasters yourself.

Nov 11

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy will be out this week.

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