Watch this CSGO player no-scope using a lemon slice as crosshairs

Finally, a biodegradable reticule.

A genius among us has identified what is probably one of the most mesmerizing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hacks in recent memory and it only costs about $2 per pound at your local grocery store.

Introducing: the lemon slice

TikTok user, @csgogoezhack, who was recently highlighted by Kotaku Australia, is absolutely full of hacks just like this lemon-slice-and-scotch-tape stunt that provides a surprisingly effective means of “no-scoping” with CSGO’s sniper, the AWP.

You’ve got floss picks


A pair of scissors

Lots of strategically placed circles

While we can’t in good conscience recommend taping a piece of citrus to your monitor or scribbling all over it with dry-erase markers, it’s pretty satisfying to watch from afar. It also makes you wonder how many desperate no-scopers are out there taping random objects to their laptops.

So, now you know. Next time you’re playing Counterstrike and you get scopelessly murked, you may have TikTok and modern dentistry to blame.

ImPeterKe on YouTube

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