Watch 'Super Smash Bros.' turn into stop motion masterpieces

These stop motion shorts make your favorite video game and anime characters come to life.

There's something about Super Smash Bros. that inspires a fanaticism rarely seen in the video game community, and if you don't believe us, we've got something that might change your mind.

Behold these stop motion shorts from an artist Kenta Shinohara who goes by HannibalSaikaku on Instagram.

In these short clips, Shinohara goes to great lengths to meticulously bring Super Smash characters to life via stop motion โ€” a notoriously laborious process that involves painstakingly manipulating figures frame-by-frame.

Participants from the Super Smash universe include...


Sephiroth and Kirby



Mario and Steve


In case you were wondering just how meticulous that process might be, the self-described "animist" also has plenty of behind-the-scenes videos that illuminate just how elaborate the short clips are.

Shinohara doesn't just film familiar faces from the Super Smash universe. There are also plenty of anime characters in the mix.


One-Punch Man

Sword Art Online

Even if you're not necessarily a fan of Super Smash Bros. or anime, it's hard not to appreciate the detail and creativity in Shinohara's work or ogling all of the unique gear it takes to make stop motion work.

And if you are a fan of Super Smash Bros., well, it might be pleasing to see some of your biggest rivals getting along for once.

To see more of Shinohara's work, visit this YouTube Channel.

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