Watch 'Resident Evil Village' get 'demade' into a PS1 title

Like upscaling, except the complete opposite.

These days it’s all about upscaling. We’ve got ray-traced retro games, films from the early 1900s at 60 fps, heck, look at what they did to Final Fantasy VII.

But forget about remakes for a second, we’re here to talk about...


Demakes are exactly what they sound like — taking a new title, for example, Resident Evil Village, and deconstructing it into something more nostalgic, more primal, more... pixelated.

This particular demake was made by VFX creator, Hoolopee, and reimagines Capcom’s newest installment of the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil Village, as a title for PS1, the console on which Resident Evil was originally released.

Just watch the retro horror unfold

You can’t unsee low-poly Lady Dimitrescu.

Resident Evil isn’t the only title blessed with a demake by Hoolopee. Death Stranding, for example, got a PS1 rendition of its official trailer, and Halo Infinite got the N64 treatment.

While you can’t play any of Hoolopee’s demakes there are titles out there that offer an experience beyond just watching games in retro graphics. Halo 2600, for example, is a demake of Halo that even comes on an honest-to-God playable Atari cartridge.

Bet you’d never seen Halo like this.

Here’s a Final Fantasy VII NES demake for good measure.

Whether you want to play retrofied games or just watch them, nostalgia is obviously the driving force here, and there is something pretty gratifying about seeing modern titles get transported to another time, even if nothing will ever quite top what’s possibly the best low-poly pondering of all time...

“I hope this is not Chris’ blood...”

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