This controller makes your Switch a perfect train simulator

Now all you need is one of those cute, little hats.

There are simulators for just about anything nowadays, whether you want to fly a plane, or go on a date, or um, be a goat? But what we’re about to show you is something special — something just for the train people out there.

Introducing: Zuiki’s Dedicated One Handle Controller For Nintendo Switch

This controller is designed specially for Densha de Go!!, a classic Japanese train simulator game ported to both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 last December.

According to Zuiki, the controller aims to replicate the feeling of operating a real train, and uses a one-handle system for braking and accelerating. A gear system allows the player to lock the handle in place and easily operate the train without visually referencing the controller.

The good news is, this controller — which is apparently the first Densha De Go! controller in 14 years — looks pretty amazing. The bad news is that it’s only currently available in Japan.


For anyone in the position to buy this controller, it'll go on sale August 8th and cost about 14,850 yen.

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