This ‘Halo’ x Swarovski collaboration mixes gaming and luxury

Good luck cleaning the Cheeto dust off your new Swarovski Master Chief.

A look at the Swarovski x Halo collaboration

As Halo is enjoying a return to form, collaborations with the high-profile franchise are rolling in. In that vein, Swarovski is partnering with Halo to release a limited collection of crystalline figures that celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary.

Larry Hryb

The luxurious collection features two crystal figurines — An energy sword and Master Chief’s helmet.

Larry Hryb
The ideal paperweight.Swarovski

The collection will be limited — only 117 sets were made

It would have been nice to see that number go up to 343, but alas...

Larry Hryb

In order to get your hands on a collectible set, you’ll have to fill out a registration form through Swarovski.

Each set comes with this booklet.Larry Hyrb

Aside from celebrating the launch of Halo Infinite and the longevity of the series as a whole, it seems this drop functions as a way for Swarovski to gauge interest in future gaming collaborations. On the registration form users are asked if they’d like to see more Halo collectibles for sale, on top of other franchises they’d be interested in.


If you want to throw your name into the hat for this piece of bizarre gaming collab history, the registration is available here.


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