Good Finds

This game is the closest you'll come to a club all year and it's $20 off today

Fill the nightlife void (somewhat).

Remember bars? Crowded bars and clubs... where people listened to music and danced? Together? In the same room??? Neither do we.

Nightlife seems like a distant idea this many months into the pandemic, but if a glimmer of that concept somehow remains in your memory and is yearning to be fed, this game might be for you.

Fuser via Nintendo Switch Store

Fuser was released to the public at the beginning of November, offering a virtual DJ experience that feels a lot like the EDM equivalent of Guitar Hero — which makes sense, given it was created by Rock Band developer, Harmonix.

And, sticking true to the mold: It. Is. Addictive. It's also $20 off right now on the Nintendo Switch Store, bringing it down to $39.59.

Fuser via Nintendo Switch Store