This 4K 'Sonic Adventure' remaster is entirely fan-made

It's a game made in a game about making games.

If you’re dying to play a new 3D Sonic game, we’ve got good and bad news. The good news is, you can play this very cool-looking one right now! That bad news is, you can only play it by not actually buying a new Sonic game.

This very convincing looking 3D Sonic adventure, highlighted by TheGamer this week, was made by two enterprising fans using PlayStation’s Dreams game creation system —a sandbox-style game about making games that has yielded some sophisticated and wildly creative results.

Even among products like this Fallout 4 recreation or this hallucinogenic Wallace and Gromit adventure, Sonic Adventure: Dreams Edition stands as an impressive feat of just what Dreams can do with some fan-fueled ingenuity.

The Sonic sendup, made by RichMenace_94 and fivetimesone, has pretty much everything you want out of a 3D Sonic game. It’s flashy; it’s fast; it’s bright; it’s got big, juicy, shiny, golden rings.

The Dreams-made Sonic also runs on the PlayStation 5 and can be played at a crisp 4K resolution at 60fps.

Despite how appealing this Sonic iteration might be, there’s also a degree of letdown here for franchise fans itching for a true, updated 3D Sonic game.

Fortunately for those patiently waiting, there’s at least some reason to believe a Sonic remaster could be in the works. This month, a German localization company, called IKSample, listed Sonic Colors as one of their current projects. This is obviously short of a formal remaster announcement from SEGA, but still more than standard rumor mill fare.

📷: u/barhenk on Reddit

Remaster or no remaster, Sonic Adventure: Dreams Edition is still quite an accomplishment in the universe of fan-made Sonic games and a testament to just how sophisticated Dreams can get.

So if you’re just gotta’ to go fast in full, glorious 3D, this game within a game might be just what you’re looking for.

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