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This all-time classic Xbox RPG is 75% off right now

Fable Anniversary is on sale until July 8th via Steam.

Fable Anniversary, the remastered version of the original Fable, is currently being discounted by 75 percent through Steam.


Originally $34.99, you can now get Fable Anniversary for just $8.74.

This deal is good until July 8, which makes it the perfect RPG to tackle during the hottest parts of summer.

Fable was one of the first RPGs that allowed players to fully lean into the good vs. evil question. Be as ruthless or honorable as you want without feeling shoehorned into one direction.

Fable, originally released in 2004, was certainly ahead of the curve on other RPGs, with its combination of real-time combat and story branching. This sale is a good opportunity to see if the game held up!


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