These Burberry fits are exclusive to China's biggest mobile game

Tencent's hyper-popular online game, Honor of Kings, has two new skins designed by Burberry.

Massive multiplayer online battle arena games are the new black – at least if a new Burberry partnership is any indication.

📷: Genshin Impact

As part of a partnership between the fashion brand and Tencent, Burberry unveiled two exclusive skins (read: outfits) designed exclusively for one of China’s biggest online games, Honor of Kings.

📷: Burberry

🎥: Burberry

The skins were designed by Burberry Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci to be worn by Honor of Kings character, Yao. According to Burberry, both outfits pull from a “longstanding exploration of the relationship between humans and nature.”

The skins, which are currently available for in-game purchase, will only be available to Honor of Kings players in mainland China.

If you’re looking to actually buy these fits there’s good and bad news. While Yao’s plaid “Spirit of Nature” pieces aren’t purchasable, both the blue trench coat and trousers in Yao’s “Spirit of the Forest and Ocean” look are from Tisci’s Spring/Summer collection and can be purchased online and at stores in China.

For those unfamiliar with Honor of Kings, it’s a multiplayer mobile game for both iOS and Android owned by Chinese tech company, Tencent. The game has become extremely popular in China, averaging an astronomical 100 million users per day.

🎥: Burberry

Honor of Kings isn’t alone in its pursuit of bringing high fashion to video games, however.

Honor of Kings will join big game franchises like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy, which partnered with Louis Vuitton and Prada to make digital outfits for Final Fantasy XIII several years ago.

Square Enix

That collab even got the runway treatment.

Regardless of how you feel about the intersection of fashion and video games, you have to admit that, in these times of limited social activity, donning some designer clothes and going on an adventure with some friends does sound pretty appealing.

🎥: Burberry

Even if it’s all online.

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