The Xbox Series S is a smaller, cheaper next-gen powerhouse

Microsoft’s smaller next-gen Xbox cuts away all the frills and delivers an affordable way to play with the big kids.

The Series S comes with a console, white controller, batteries, HDMI 2.1 cord, and power cable. It makes for a very elegant initial set-up.

The Series S is every bit as silent as the Series X — and way smaller, making it easier to fit into an entertainment unit.

The Series X comes with 512GB of storage onboard — but only 364GB of that is available for use. That wouldn’t be so bad but remember: a lack of discs means every game you play must be downloaded to the unit in full.

Thankfully Microsoft is already offering memory cards to expand this storage.


The Xbox Series S destroys previous Xbox consoles when it comes to loading times. Its blazing fast NVMe SSD is no joke.

The Series S has three USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports (one in the front, two behind), an Ethernet port, HDMI out, and a storage expansion slot for memory cards. Unlike the PS5, there’s no USB-C here, unfortunately. Make sure to use the included HDMI 2.1 cable. Other cables may be able to get the job done but it’s going to be hard to tell if you’re not familiar with sorting through the specifications.


Then there’s Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service giving you access to hundreds of AAA games — including brand new releases — from Xbox and EA to play on your new Xbox, on your PC, or through cloud streaming.

It's the best controller on any modern console.

The controller is slightly updated from the original Xbox One controller. The Series S includes one in all-white.

Ray tracing remains the stand out feature for next-gen systems, creating far more realistic lighting effects.

The Series S is an incredible entry-level console that gives gamers a chance to play every next-gen title at a wildly affordable price.

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