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One of 2020's most underrated RPGs is 50% off right now

Yakuza: Like a Dragon flew under the radar last year and is currently being discounted for the PS5.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is currently being marked down by 50% via Walmart, and while the game is more than a year old, it’s still one of the most underrated RPGs in recent memory.

Yakuza is being discounted to $29.99 (down from from $59.99)

While the game is available for both PS and Xbox, this sale is exclusively for the PS5.

Yakuza is equal parts beat-em’-up comedy and dynamic, open-world RPG with compelling characters, a strong narrative arc, and plenty of substories to explore. Ultimately the game is one that doesn’t take itself too seriously while still being a quality experience — a breath of fresh air in the genre.


Like a Dragon is the eighth iteration of the longstanding series from Sega and it’s unclear when this discount ends. Best to snag it before the game returns to its full retail price.


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