The internet is absolutely roasting Xbox's Series S design

You thought the PlayStation 5 got it bad? Buckle up.

Every once in a while there is a moment that is absolutely bound for memedom. Sometimes that moment practically memes itself and other times it involves the ingenuity of a few resourceful internet trolls.

It's safe to say that the release of the Xbox Series S, Microsoft's more affordable next-gen console with a large and conspicuous circular grate mounted on the side, falls into the latter category.


As you may have noted, the Series S' grate makes the console appear strikingly similar to a number of other things, including but not limited to a boombox. That similarity was not lost on denizens of the internet.

Can it play Pete Gabriel, though?

Then there are the obvious appliance comparisons...

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Some enterprising onlookers took the liberty of mocking up some cross-promotional versions of the console using the grate as a design cue.

Patrick Star saw it first.

It's also worth noting that the Series S looks pretty similar to Microsoft's Adaptive Controller, which is designed for players with disabilities.

Despite the deluge of visual puns, Xbox appears to have taken people's reactions in stride with a little meme post of its own.

The Series S will reportedly cost $299 and be released on November 10 while the more powerful Series X will retail at $499 and is rumored to be dropping at the same time.

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