We need to talk about Turok

'Turok' is trending on Twitter because we need something (anything) to agree about.

There are few things that unite the internet in a common (and positive) consensus, and according to Twitter, the 1997 shooter, Turok, is one of those things.

Out of the ether, Turok emerged from obscurity to find its way into Twitter's top trending topics all because of one, single but undeniably profound, tweet.

The tweet from Pearce, a game developer for Sony who also runs her own YouTube channel, struck a chord with lots of folks on Twitter and precipitated a deluge of Turok tributes.

For anyone not totally familiar with Turok, the game, a first-person shooter, was originally released in 1997 on the Nintendo 64 console and casts characters as a native American dinosaur hunter on a mission to protect the universe from an evildoer named "The Campaigner."

Turok quickly became one of Nintendo's most popular 64 titles and gave way to a slew of games published throughout the next several years – including four for the N64 and another three for handheld consoles.

When it comes to popularity, don't just take our word for it though, take a gander at Twitter's response to Turok's reemergence into the conversation...


While Turok enthusiasm definitely ranges in fervor (see: Turok tattoos) most evangelists agree that the franchise is ready for a reboot.

Turok was rebooted for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2008, but the game's return left fans of the FPS less than satisfied. The game was a relative commercial success (selling 1 million copies) but was panned critically for its lack of imagination and repetitive game mechanics.

Failed reboot or not, fans clearly want more, and with a new generation of consoles out the door, imaginations are being piqued.

Realistically, is there any real reason for Turok to be trending right now? Absolutely not. Does that change the fact that in this forsaken year we indisputably need to talk about Turok? I'll let Pearce answer that...

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