'Chair Simulator' is a game about sitting on your ass

A game about sitting down for extended periods that you play while sitting down for extended periods.

The world of simulation games is approaching a sort of post-ironic flashpoint. For evidence look no further than Chair Simulator, a game that was released in late May for free on Steam. Players earn something called sit points for, you guessed it... sitting. With sit points you can purchase nicer, more avant-garde chairs to... continue sitting.

Relax in a sitting position with 14 playable characters including FaZe Jarvis, Dillon Francis, and Corinna Kopf, among others.

The game is not as simple as sitting down, waiting to accumulate points, and then cashing out. Sit for too long and you start to generate sit points at a slower rate or even worse: die. Saving your game is not an option either so losing carries a different weight.

Live out your interior decoration fantasies by collecting chairs from Eames, Saarinen, Starck, Bertoli, Corbusier, Thonet, Emeco, Panton, Jensen, Breuer, Van Der Rohe, and more. Price too steep for you to own that Eames in real life? Good thing sit points are free.

MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based art collective, developed and published Chair Simulator. The collective, according to Insider, “has been behind the internet's most viral stunts, stories, and products that have spread throughout the meme-laden, cynical internet community for years...”

Chair Simulator is the Dark Souls of sitting simulators.”

MSCHF Product Studios Inc

Is there some metaphor baked into Chair Simulator? Sitting down to play a game where you sit for extended periods of time, only to break it up by occasionally standing before returning to a sedentary state in order to earn the ability to unlock a virtual chair that would most likely be too expensive to buy in real life? Probably. But it’s much more fun to ignore that possibility and simply laugh through the experience.

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