Universal Japan's Mario-themed café looks insane

A pancake "sandwich" shaped like Mario's hat is both irresistible and repulsive.

It seems crazy given the current state of things, but Super Nintendo World is still slated to open this coming spring despite some COVID-related delays. In fact, a themed cafe will open inside Japan's Universal Studios park next week.

A recent look at some of the cafe's food and beverages has us pretty enthralled and unsurprisingly, some of it looks totally over-the-top.

Meet: the Mario hat-shaped strawberry shortcake pancake "sandwich"...

And a corresponding "rare grape cheesecake" version for Luigi...

Those sugary treats wouldn't be complete without a sugary drink which is why the café will also serve several cream sodas with fruit to help you wash down all that whipped cream.


There's a strawberry flavored Mario soda...

Luigi gets green apple...

“Luigi's beard is cute! A fun drink with refreshing green apple soda and kiwi juice balls.”

Super Nintendo World

I'm going to give you one guess at what Princess Peach's flavor is...

And what would sugary drinks be without a mighty Nintendo-branded chalice, A.K.A, this Toad shaped cup capable of carrying enough soda for three people.

All of these beverages and snacks will be available in the The Mario Cafe & Store where customers will also be able to pick up some Nintendo-branded merchandise.

That includes some swag branded under a somewhat odd "whose cap?" slogan.

Feels like maybe there's a more iconic catchphrase they could've gone with?

Strange slogans aside...

It's hard not to be excited for the world's first proper Nintendo theme park. Now we just have to wait for travel/human contact to be safe so we can witness the Mushroom Kingdom in all of its real-world replica glory.

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