Pride Finds

You can get this award-winning game for free during Pride Month

The episodic, narrative adventure game is available for Xbox, Windows PC, and Steam.

In a collaborative effort between Dontnod entertainment and Xbox Game Studios, Tell Me Why became the first video game distributed by a major studio to feature a transgender character as a lead.

The two protagonists — Tyler Ronan and Alyson Ronan.
Players navigate the Ronan twins’ journey back to their childhood home following the death of their mother.

The game revolves around Tyler Ronan, a transgender man, and his sister Alyson as they experience past events through detailed visions over the course of three episodes — players then make decisions on what they want the two to believe, which ultimately affects the game narrative.

From June 1 to June 30, downloading Tell Me Why will give you access to the three playable episodes even after Pride month

Get the game here for free while the offer lasts.