Pride Finds

You can get this award-winning game for free during Pride Month

The episodic, narrative adventure game is available for Xbox, Windows PC, and Steam.

Screen shot from the game TellMeWhy on Xbox, Windows and PC.

In a collaborative effort between Dontnod entertainment and Xbox Game Studios, Tell Me Why became the first video game distributed by a major studio to feature a transgender character as a lead.

The two protagonists — Tyler Ronan and Alyson Ronan.
Players navigate the Ronan twins’ journey back to their childhood home following the death of their mother.

The game revolves around Tyler Ronan, a transgender man, and his sister Alyson as they experience past events through detailed visions over the course of three episodes — players then make decisions on what they want the two to believe, which ultimately affects the game narrative.

From June 1 to June 30, downloading Tell Me Why will give you access to the three playable episodes even after Pride month

Get the game here for free while the offer lasts.

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