Someone made a comically wide Game Boy for absolutely no reason

The Wide Boy Advance is bigger and better than any Game Boy you’ve ever seen (if width is your only metric for judging if something is good).

We love Game Boys, don’t we folks? They’re small, iconic, nostalgic, culturally and functionally perfect — except for one glaring flaw...

They are simply not wide enough

Okay, that’s actually not true, but here we are with a much, much, wider version of the Game Boy Advance, nonetheless.

The Wide Boy you see here is from modder and prolific YouTuber, Elliot Coll, who is the proprietor of TheRetroFuture channel, and offers a wide new perspective on a handheld that absolutely, without a doubt, did not need to be any wider.

What’s perhaps even more ridiculous than this modded Game Boy’s width, is how much real, actual work Coll put into bringing it to life. The Wide Boy Advance, is actually not one, but two Game Boy Advances that have been cut into pieces and frankensteined together with glue.

About “two days straight” of sanding, priming, body filling and more sanding eventually gave birth to the Wide Boy Advance’s titularly stocky form factor and solidified the monstrosity among Coll’s previous Game Boy feats that include...

The Long Boy

The Left Hand Boy

The SP and Advance mashup

The Wide Boy Advance is a lot of things. It’s ridiculous, it’s convincing, it’s very, very freaking wide, and most of all, it’s a testament to the idea that doing something simply Because You Can, might actually be a worthwhile exercise — or at the very least entertaining.

Carry on my wideward son

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