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This former Game of the Year contender is free for a week only

Control is an award-winning action-adventure game involving telepathic kinesis and a shadowy governmental agency.

In Control, players assume the role of Jesse Faden — new director of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) with the ability to destroy enemies by manipulating her environment through psychokinesis.


Epic Games is offering the supernatural thriller for a discount — one that’s good for 100 percent off. All you need is an account and the game is yours for free. Keep in mind though, this deal is only available for PC and lasts through June 17th.

Players explore a chilling, supernatural environment that runs a gamut of color — from ominous, metallic governmental buildings to those same buildings exploding at the seams.

Control took home IGN’s 2019 award for best art direction. And for good reason.

Control begs the question: Is the solution to bureaucracy simply to empower someone with psychic abilities? Epic Games

With what you get out of Control — fluid game mechanics, top-tier sound/visual design, and a satisfying narrative arc — it’s almost hard to believe the game is free right now.


When the promotion lowers your quality of life. Epic Games

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