Razer's new Hello Kitty gaming gear is disgustingly adorable

It's so cute it’s practically unbearable.

A gaming chair being offered as part of Razer's Hello Kitty collaboration

Listen up, e-girls and e-boys: we’ve got a very important announcement, but before we tell you, you’re going to want to sit dow — actually, before you sit down...


Pull up this bonkers Razer x Hello Kitty gaming chair

Okay, so maybe that spoiled the surprise a little bit, but the point remains: Razer has partnered with Hello Kitty to make some incredibly, sickeningly cute, gaming gear, including this chair — a Razer Iskur X emblazoned with a very iconic, cute cat cartoon.

There’s also a foam lumbar support

If chairs aren’t your thing, Razer and Hello Kitty are also offering an upgrade for your ears covered, with this Bluetooth headset — a cutesy pair of Razer Kraken BTs.

Of course, no Hello Kitty gaming arsenal would be complete without a mouse, so Razer is also releasing a Hello Kitty emblazoned Razer DeathAdder Essential and a mouse pad — the Razer Goliathus — to the collection as well.

Unfortunately for all the Hello Kitty fanatics out there, there’s no set date on when all the aforementioned accessories will be released, though you can sign up to be notified by Razer when they finally drop, so keep your cat ears to the ground.

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