'Pokémon Snap' players can't stop taking pics of Poké butts

Lemme' get a peek atchu.

There’s not a more wholesome game on the planet than Pokémon Snap, right? It’s just happy people taking pictures of happy Pokémon, nothing obscene, risqué, or adult in any way.


Incorrect, because Pokémon, (in case you did not know) have butts! And as it turns out we love to take pictures of them. And boy are there a lot of butts to ogle. There are butts everywhere in Pokémon Snap, just waiting for their closeup.

@NikatinePrime on Twitter

In fact, there are so many poke-butts in Pokemon Snap that players can barely contain themselves. As a result of the burgeoning number of butts, both Reddit and Twitter have been awash in photographers interested in sharing their keen eye.

@BoundaryBreak on Twitter

Bidoof (a normal type Pokémon with a beaver-like vibe) has been a particularly interesting subject for poke-butt enthusiasts. Sometimes Bidoof’s butt gets gussied up with some stickers. Sometimes players take vids of Bidoof’s butt. This is a Bidoof booty world and we’re just snapping in it.

@lautir on Twitter

Butt seriously...

Pokémon buttography is a real thing. There’s already at least two YouTubers who have resolved to in their own words, “try to complete the world's first Pokemon photo alBUM!”

There’s also this very new Twitter account which is aptly titled @PokeButtSnap. While they haven’t posted a ton yet, we’ve already gotten the flavor of what kind of Pokémon Snap content we can expect in the future.

I can only assume some of the more puritanical Pokémon fans are reading this and wondering what kind of sicko would go around taking candid shots of poke-butts for fun.

Well, you’re in luck, you can ask Input’s very own Cheyenne MacDonald about poke-butt pics because she took the snaps you see here, and as soon as I suck it up and spend $60 on this game, you can ask me about it too.

Input/Cheyenne MacDonald

“Liepard might as well have ripped the Switch out of my hand and snapped photos of its own butt. They all kept doing this and honestly, fair.”

Cheyenne MacDonald, Deputy Editor at Input.

Caked up kingCheyenne MacDonald.

While it’s not overtly a booty pic, this Meganium is serving some serious “Look back at it” energy.

Input/Cheyenne MacDonald

I firmly believe the world of Pokémon butts is as rich and nuanced as the world of not Pokémon butts, and as a result, Game Freak should start awarding points snaps of the body as well as the booty.


Until that justice is done, I wish you all happy hunting. May the road rise up to meet you and may the booty always be in your snaps.

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