People are losing their minds over Pokémon’s new starters

Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco have captured the people’s minds and memes.

The new Pokemon starters

If you somehow missed it, two new Pokémon games were just announced: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will come to Nintendo Switch later this year.


But right now, the internet is more interested in the new starter Pokémon, Sprigatito, Quaxly, and the ever-chomping Fuecoco.


Fuecoco in particular has been the subject of a lot of discussions, because of a fan theory that says that the fire starters correspond to the Chinese Zodiac.


He doesn’t look like a horse, snake, ox, or sheep to us — more like a gator — so we guess that fan theory is cooked. Oh well, it was a nice run.


Not everybody is thrilled, though.u/lowkey_sapien
It’s a serious concern.@passionpeachy

Some are speculating about what their evolutions might look like.

This one’s particularly... creative.


Some people are just here for the memes.


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