People can't stop roasting 'GTA' remasters' wonky character models

More like Grand Theft Odd-Oh my god, please make it stop.

Newly released Grand Theft Auto remasters get a few things right. Environments are fresher and more lush, mechanics are less cumbersome (and less flawed), maps and weapon wheels are refreshed and easier to command, character models are cleaner and more realis—

Wait a second.

Okay, so not everything is perfect about Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy. As noted by some less than impressed fans, it looks like developers could have spent just a wee bit more time polishing some of the updated character models.

Excuse me, sir... never mind.

Naturally, GTA fans (or critics) are having fun with the wonkiness. Memes have been streaming into the official GTA subreddit faster than you can say, “here we go again.”

As comical as some of these “remastered” visages are, there are some slick looking graphical elements like more nuanced weather, which if you care about that sort of thing, could augment your experience compared to playing the GTA’s of yore.

In your play-through, Just try not to spend too much time doing any face to face with NPCs, because you might just see something you can’t forget.

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